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"It is not location, but the culmination of the metaphysical thoughts and prayers of the clients, the staff, the Christian Science Practitioners, and the field that makes up the steel that supports the atmosphere of our home and gives it the stability and structure of the Christ Truth that it requires in healing."

Kay R. Fischer, Founder of Harmony at Home Foundation


From The Director

Welcome! Harmony at Home is located within the beautiful, warm setting of Independence Village, a multi-denomination senior living center, in Naperville. We provide an atmosphere of loving fellowship and supportive camaraderie for spiritually committed Christian Scientists. Our guests apartments are all in one area of Independence Village, with our Christian Science nurse's office in the center. We meet for Wednesday and Sunday services as well as to gather and read from the periodicals and other Christian Science literature in our newly-establish Study Room, furnished with a full set of Bound Volumes, periodicals and other Christian Science literature. We are tremendously grateful for this wonderful setting, and the loving, steadfast support of our donor family!

We'd love to meet with you, answer any questions, provide an opportunity for you to meet with some of our Christian Science nurses, and offer a tour of the building. Please feel free to call or email me directly if you would like to come by for a visit, or just to chat about options that may work for you or a family member.

Warm blessings to you & yours,


Margaret Baker-Hansa, Director, 630-961-3988